Pyramid Power

The Egyptian pyramids are instantly recognised throughout the world.

Of the original 7 wonders of the ancient world, the great pyramids of Giza are all that remain.

However, they were not the first & only pyramids constructed. The building of the pyramid dates back to 4,500BC - 5,000BC & was built, not in Egypt, but in China.

Pyramids in China & Greece predate the ones in Egypt & the pyramids of Mexico are the 'newest' of this group as construction began around 200AD!

Pyramids can be seen everywhere, from man-made pyramids to the natural formation of crystals  such as Apophyllite. There is even documented evidence of a grouping of pyramids on Mars.


The pyramid has been a curiousity throughout time. Theories about its structure & significance abound but, this much is known, there is a unique energy that resonates within this shape.

The shape of the Egyptian pyramids has great significance in that the Egyptians believed that the pyramid represented the primordial mound from which the Earth was created.


The primary use for the great pyramids was spiritual initiation. The pyramids were chosen because they symbolized man's inner quest.

The most significant aspect of the pyramid is its ability to harness higher level, vibrational energies.


A pyramid can be used as a healing tool. as they are are believed to balance the electro-magnetic field of the body which can assist in cleansing & healing.

They are also thought to produce positive ions which counteracts the accumulation of too many negative ions helping to ease / eliminate conditions of stress, depression, tension & headaches.


The pyramid is full of mystery & intrigue.....its history is well documented & its powers are unique.


Giza Pyramid plateau photo Orgone Energy Flow pyramid